Sometimes we let go, not because we want to hurt someone, but because we don’t want to hurt ourselves. We let go out of self defense, just trying to protect ourselves from the pain that may come along when letting someone in. We let go and push away before even giving someone an actual chance for them to get to know the real us. Past experiences can be reasons why people may act like this. It’s because they are worried it may happen again and they don’t want to go through any more pain all over. It hurts. It hurts to be pushed away and not be wanted, so we do the same exact thing to people who try to get close to us the next time. We end up doing to them what we hated being done to us; we let go, back off, shut people out, without really thinking about how the other person may feel. Because in that moment we only think about ourself and our feelings. But what we don’t realize is that we end up becoming that person who hurts and pushes people away, not because we hate them, but because we are scared that any one that tries to actually care and get close, will hurt us again.