I hope you treat the next girl that comes into your life, better than you treated me. Don’t hurt her. Don’t lie to her. Don’t cheat on her. Don’t say all of these things she wants to hear, if you don’t mean them. It’s better to be honest so she doesn’t fall fast for you and all of your lies. Don’t tell her you love her and not act like it. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Don’t lie about where you’re at. Don’t say she’s the only one you want to be with and then sneak around with someone else. Be patient and respect her. Don’t take her for granted, because you never know if she could be the best thing that could happen to you. Don’t be scared to let your feelings out. Let her be the one that helps you when you need it, and you be the one she can always go to when she needs someone. Allow yourself to let her in and show her the real you, even the emotional side of you. Don’t do stupid things to make her jealous or upset, to see if she really cares about you. Make her feel and make her know that she is the only one you care about, and that she is the only one that makes you feel the way you do. Don’t give up so easy if you guys fight, even if she says she’s done. Keep trying, keep caring and never stop putting in effort. Tell her you love her when you’re ready. Be the one she talks about to all her friends and family. Be good to her and treat her better than you treated me. Don’t let bad things that happen to you, affect the way you treat her. Never hurt her. Just don’t, or she will become a heartbroken girl, who will never be able to look at a guy the same way ever again.