last night i told you i missed you… out of the blue and unexpected. i apologized for missing you and you said, “don’t be sorry.” last night i told you i hated myself for fucking everything up between us and you said, “don’t hate yourself.” you said “it’s fine just get some rest…” but we both know nothing is fine. you always say that when you don’t want to talk, and i know that because even if we haven’t talked in a while, sometimes i still know you better than you know yourself. last night i told you i loved you. i love you. it’s so hard to explain the way i feel. but i know i love you and need you. with you i felt a type of way i had never felt before. but when i said i loved you, you said nothing. i expected it, i saw it coming. no response like usual when it comes to “emotional” situations like that. i guess i had to try right? i love you, and i guess i just wonder if you still love me, even if you can’t say it or show it anymore. i wonder if the words i say, mean anything to you.