“I just don’t feel the same, I’m sorry.”

One of the worst things to hear is that the one you want to be with doesn’t feel the way you do. It hurts because it makes you question what you did wrong when you thought you were doing all the right things. It makes you feel like you weren’t good enough. It hurts because it puts you in a position with them where you don’t know if you even want to be around them, if you can even handle being around them, if you can’t be with them the way you want. You know you don’t want to lose that person, but that’s the risk you’re taking when feelings come out and get involved. It’s hard to hold in how you feel. But it’s even harder to hold them back in, when they know how you feel but you can’t act upon them. You’re stuck. Stuck being just friends. And if you really care and want them in your life, you’ll probably accept the fact and try to act normal. But you know deep down inside, every time you look into their eyes, you’ll fall in love over and over and it’ll hurt you but you won’t do anything, because you want them in your life and want to respect their choice. It’s not fair, but that’s how life is… not fair. Some people can’t handle being around a person they want and can’t have so they push away and leave and probably think about the person everyday, but to them it’s easier for them to let go by being away than having to see them around all the time.