It’s hard to get close to someone, because you never know when they will just walk out of your life. It’s even worse when there is no explanation for them walking out on you, they just say they can’t and don’t want to be in your life and leave.

What hurts more is when you know that they don’t care about your feelings and leave you in the dark, but you’re still willing to try. It’s sad to think that people you used to talk to everyday and tell every thing to, aren’t apart of your life and don’t know anything that’s going on in it anymore. You don’t even know if they ever think about you or miss you; or if they do but just can’t find the courage or the words to actually try to talk to you and make it work.

Some people just care too much while others may say they do but their actions say something else, which is how people get hurt and have trust issues with other people that come into their life. They will always look back at the past, hoping that never happens again. They’ll always be scared to let people in.