it’s just you. no one else. no one else has ever made me feel the way you did… the way you still do. which is probably why i can’t get over you. i know your life is perfect without me now, but can’t you remember when it was just us two? you can’t say it didn’t mean anything and that you didn’t feel anything, or that you don’t remember because it was so long ago. i get feelings can change, and i wish mine could about you, so i could move on, but i can’t… it doesn’t work that way. it’s so hard not seeing you, but it’s worse when i do because i want to say all of these things i’m too scared to say to you, that slip out when i’m drunk. i want to be able to go up to you like before and have everything feel right again. but it can’t be like that and it hurts when i see you from across a room knowing i’m close but can’t do anything about it. a lot has changed. i have changed and sometimes i look back at who i used to be and how i used to act, and i realize… i don’t like who i’m turning into. with you i knew who i was and i didn’t have to question everything in my life like i do now. i was truly happy around you, even if things weren’t always okay. now i feel lost. and i know i should be happy on my own and not need you, but i miss you. i miss the closeness we had. i miss being attached to someone who cared so much about me. but things got taken for granted, and i took you for granted knowing we would always fix things and get through whatever. but there was only so much we could do until we just had to stop. we hurt each other and i hurt you. it was never my intention to hurt you by doing the things i did and saying the things i said. i would never want to hurt you but i feel bad for all the times i did. i miss you, just you. it was different with you, just you. i can’t explain it, i can only feel it, feel that something was different… a good different kind of feeling i’d never felt with anyone else but you. just you.