we just needed time. i’m not saying it’s back to how it used to be, and maybe it will never be that way again between us, but that’s okay. we aren’t the same people we used to be. we’ve both grown up and changed throughout these years. things happen for a reason and maybe this was supposed to happen. maybe we were both supposed to realize that it’s different but that we could still talk… you know that we didn’t have to ignore each other for the rest of our lives. i feel like i’m finally at peace. i feel like i’m in a state of relaxation and no worries. i can breathe again. it’s not perfect and maybe it will never be, but we needed this time apart to see if we could ever be okay again. we aren’t the same caring, over protective people we used to be, and we’ve learned and are probably still learning from our mistakes. it’s okay to change but it’s also okay to always be able to go back and talk to each other. i know i’ll always care no matter what and that even if it means waiting a month or even a year, it’ll be worth it.