don’t worry about her. it’s not your place anymore. let her be. let her do what she wants, because she’s no longer yours and you made the decision to move on so soon and be with someone else. worry about that person. but don’t come into her life and tell her to think about you before she does things, because she shouldn’t have to. she isn’t yours for you to decide what she can and cannot do with her life. yea she thinks about you, but not because she’s worried about what you’ll think of her or what she’s doing to make sure you don’t get mad, but she thinks about you because she simply cares and misses you, even while you’re off with someone else who isn’t worth your time, when you could have HER. don’t you see it? i hope one day you realize that you missed your chance to try again, to love again, and be happy with HER again. her. the one you once loved and maybe still do love, the one who you thought you’d be with forever, the one that made you feel complete and alive. she’s waiting and would drop anything to be with you again. that’s when you know she should be the one, when she puts you and only you above everything else and waits and cares even when you’re not together anymore. she still wants you. she is the one and maybe will forever be the one but you’re too caught up in everything else to realize it. the heartbroken girl needs you and only you to make her happy. because even when she’s surrounded by groups of people, you’re the only one on her mind, the only one she wants to be with to make that moment mean something. you are her happiness. you are and maybe will forever be her everything.