people always make promises. some people are good at keeping them. and if you have that kind of person in your life, then you’re the lucky one. because sometimes some people end up breaking your heart because of the promises they couldn’t keep.

what happens is that people fall for the little things that they hear from the ones they care about; they remember that moment and what they were promised and don’t let it out of their mind. they want to feel loved and cared about, and then they end up being blinded by these fake promises and lovely words that they like to hear because it makes them feel better about themselves and feel safely protected…

they hear “i love you” ” i will always be there for you” “i won’t let you down” “i need you in my life 24/7” “i’m not like them” “i won’t hurt you” “i care about you” “i won’t replace you, trust me” and all of the sudden they fall, fall hard. they open up and let them in. pour out their heart out and become vulnerable around them.

you know what happens next? they wake up. they open their eyes. something is wrong. they realize that the person they thought was so good to them that said they cared and wouldn’t let them go, really didn’t give a single shit about them in the end and left. they are left heart broken and hurt, not able to trust anyone else because they are scared that anyone else that says these words to them, will break them like others have. and it isn’t fair to the good people that truly mean those words and try to keep the promises they make. it isn’t fair for them to be pushed away and not receive full effort in return by the ones who have been broken before.

many people fall and get hurt. i’ve been the one to fall for those promises, and also been the one to make those promises. i mean it when i say the things i do to people, because i’ve hated feeling pain and i’ve hated being lied to and left in the dark. people have left me and i still have kept my promises of always being there for them and never replacing them even if they’ve replaced me. i wouldn’t want anyone else to feel that way i once felt because of a promise someone else made and couldn’t keep.

i’ve heard “i need you in my life 24/7” and “i care about you” hundreds of times, and only fallen hard for it once. that one time i let someone in and believed their words, i was the one left saying i needed them, even when they ended up not needing me.

every time i hear those words, they become numb to me. they don’t have much meaning. those words only remind me of the past, and remind me to be careful with who i let in. i know it isn’t fair for people who may say it to me now and actually mean it, and me not feel anything towards it.

i’ve changed. i’ve learned to not care as much and to not pour my heart out to the wrong people. and i’ve come to think that when i feel happy, me getting hurt is bound to happen which is not what i should think. but it’s what happens and hurts the most; that i’ve lost my sense of feeling anything real… i’ve lost the meaning of any words that used to make me feel good about myself, and words that made me feel loved and really truly cared for by others who i put so much effort into. i’ve stopped myself from letting myself feel happy and i’ve hid it deep down inside, so i don’t get broken, like promises.