Do you ever get the feeling that you and your bestfriend are slowly drifting apart? You’re trying to do anything you can to act normal and not mess anything up. You don’t want to say what you’re feeling because you don’t want to make things worse, but it’s killing you inside seeing that the person that once always said they needed you, doesn’t need you anymore. All of the sudden, they’ve grown up, moved on, found new people, and have started a new chapter in their life, leaving you stuck in the past. It hurts to know that they’ve most likely forgotten about you. You love them and would do anything to keep them by your side because they know too much and you want them to be your person. They’ve let go and as much as you don’t want to let go, you have to. Because if you keep holding on to someone that isn’t there anymore and think about the memories too much, you’ll be stuck in the past and you’ll never be completely happy because you’ll always feel like you’re missing something or someone. These are things people have to accept. It’s hard to move on right away because you’re scared someone else might hurt you, but you shouldn’t shut people out who actually care to make an effort. You can’t live life scared because of one bad thing that broke you. It takes time to heal, and maybe you’ll aways remember that one bestfriend, but you know you’ve moved on once you don’t feel sad that they’re gone and know that you deserve better.