I hate taking people to places we’ve been. I admit, I’ve done it, thinking it’d help me forget you… forget everything. But it just brings the thought of you into my head even more. I reminisce about those moments, those places. But what I feel the most is, guilt. I feel like I’m breaking a promise that I never really made but feel obligated to keep. I feel guilty taking someone to places that were once ours. To me, places we’ve been and things we’ve done will always be ours. I don’t want to replace you, it’s what I always tell myself. It’s hard to find someone else, maybe because I don’t want anyone else, but I know I can’t keep waiting here for you to come back. I may feel guilt but why should I? Why should I feel guilt, when you don’t even care anymore. I can’t do this to myself anymore. I have to let go. I have to move on.