images-1Don’t forget. Just because you’re gone, just because you’ve moved on… doesn’t mean you can just forget. There’s too much to forget. Too many memories. I know I can’t forget. I think about all of the little things we used to do, every day since you left. Don’t forget the first time we met and how far we came from that day. Don’t forget the times you felt alone and I was there when no one else was. Don’t forget when we’d stay up talking on the phone. Don’t forget when you were sick and I’d come over to make sure you were okay and cheer you up. Don’t forget when we’d hug every time we saw each other. Don’t forget the time when you texted me saying you would miss me the most, more than anyone would miss me and that you didn’t like talking about it because it made it seem like it was all happening so soon. Don’t forget that I knew you better than you knew yourself. All of the things you liked and didn’t like. Don’t forget all of the times we’d just sit and do nothing; those were the best times, because just being with you was all I needed to be happy.

But when you left, a piece of my happiness left too… I can’t forget that. It’s been so different without you here. Not having anyone to talk to in the middle of the night, not having anywhere to go when I just wanted to escape everything else, not being able to laugh about certain things or go certain places, because they’d remind me of you. You, you, you. I hope you didn’t forget me. I hope you didn’t forget the way we used to feel, the way we would make each other feel… happy, complete, and safe. You were the best thing that happened to me, how could I forget that?

It wasn’t always easy. Don’t forget the reasons we’d be up late on the phone. Both of us crying, trying to fix things between us because we didn’t want to let each other go. Don’t forget when I walked out of your house, because we couldn’t seem to talk things through, so I drove away. Don’t forget all of the times we’d get in little arguments and ignore each other in the hall ways, until we realized we needed each other. Don’t forget when I’d walk away upset and you’d try to grab me so I wouldn’t leave. Don’t forget when you’d push me away and not want to open up because you didn’t like how it made you feel. Don’t forget when you came up to me, expecting me to tell you I missed you, when you were the one who said needed time and space. Don’t forget, because I can’t. It’s all too much, that I always think about. Every little detail of every moment of every day spent together.

I won’t forget. Don’t forget. And if I just put “I” in front of every “don’t forget,” that I said here, that’s me just saying everything I do not forget about us, and everything I do not want you to forget. So please, don’t forget the times we said “I miss you” and “I love you”… don’t.