I’m scared. I’m scared you won’t want me anymore. I’m scared you’ll leave. I’m scared you’ll find someone better. I’m scared I’ll love more than you. I’m scared you’ll get too annoyed of me. I’m scared that if I let you in all the way, that you’ll push away. I’m scared you’ll get tired of fighting for us if anything were to happen. I’m scared of fucking up around you and you hating me. I’m scared of you not wanting to ever see me again. I’m scared you’ll break me and that I won’t be strong enough to put myself back together. I’m scared.

I guess I did have the right to feel the way I felt. Scared. These were all of my thoughts I had months before you really did leave. You left. Left me with so many questions. Left me scared and alone. You left me scared of ever trusting anyone else with my heart. You left me scared and worried that everyone I let into my life will feel the way you did and get tired of me and go.