IMG_4032.jpgLove is a strong word. I use it wisely and only when I mean it. It’s a deep feeling of affection towards another person. Love is a word you say to someone who you truly care about… someone you don’t want to lose because they mean so much to you. Yes, love can be this great thing between two people, but… love can also be scary. It’s scary because at any given moment, one person may lose feelings of love for the other person and then they’re left confused and alone, wondering what went wrong.

Often love and attachment conjoin because once people start to love more, worry about the other and put the other persons needs above their own… they become attached. It’s one of the scariest things you could do… become attached and fall for someone so hard, that you forget how you lived life before they were apart of yours. It’s one of the worst things that could happen… you loving someone so much and them not loving you back as much as you wanted them to. Knowing that you’d put all of your effort into them and they wouldn’t do the same. It’s heartbreaking sometimes. But you know what you have to do when love is not mutual, you have to do what people always say, “if you love someone, let them go.”