Sometimes we feel stuck. Stuck in a place, stuck on a person, stuck in the past, stuck in love, and simply just stuck in life. We look back and think of how we lived our lives; what we regret, the mistakes we made, the people we spent too much time on that weren’t even worth it in the end. But we also reminisce on everything good that happened; everything that made us feel alive, happy, and free, whether it was in a relationship, late night drives alone or with a person and feeling so content with life.

Thing is, we are all so caught up in the past and sometimes don’t want to move on, so we hold on to anything we can that gives us the feeling something or someone once gave us. We look back at pictures and see smiles that showed how happy we once were, or go back to a certain place that brings back so many memories and wonder… what happened? What changed? What made us be this unhappy now? It’s sad to think about how feelings about something or someone can just change so quick, and not be able to explain why.